Stephens Ministry

Need Help? Stephen Ministers are specially trained individuals who will listen and talk with you compassionately and will respect the need for confidentiality. They bring Christ’s healing love through caring for the spiritual, social and emotional needs of our community in a one-to-one private setting in an on-going basis.

Please contact one of our Co-Directors if you or someone you know is in need of a Stephen Minister. 

Pat Carlson, Co-Director: 347-2960

Kurt Papenhause, Co-Director: 286-0355

Dana Ayoob: 692-1091

Marie Frykberg: 343-8544


The Christian Recovery and Renewal Center is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 corporation, which provides church-based care for the whole person. Located at the FPCB, the Center helps individuals and families in recovery. The Center provides assistance for people dealing with relationship issues, emotional hurts, mental illness and addictions. Individual, family, marital and group counseling; spiritual direction; social assistance and medical referral are offered. These services are available at a reduced rate for those in need. To find out more about the Center, make a referral or schedule an appointment, please call Timothy C. Engelmann, Ph.D. at (650) 342-3118 (x310) or contact him at


The Deacon ministry is one of caring. Each of our more than 60 dedicated officers serves communion at least four times per year. We serve the Lord’s Supper by intinction at the 8:00 a.m. (Chapel) and 10:15 a.m. (Sanctuary) worship services, as well as the popular 10:00 p.m. service on Christmas Eve. Additionally, every Deacon participates in the flower visitation ministry after every 10:15 service. This ministry involves arranging the Sunday sanctuary flowers into a floral arrangement and hand-delivering them to a parishioner with a cheery smile and caring attitude. An average of three arrangements is delivered every Sunday. Along with the above ministry roles, our Diaconate has four specific committees designed to support the entire congregation: Hospitality Committee, Newborn Outreach Committee, Special Friends, and Meals Delivery Committee.


Home Communion

Trained Home Communion teams will bring the previously blessed elements to those who are physically unable to attend our congregational Communion services.  We want to remember those in our Church family who for any reason are unable to join us for these holy occasions. If you would like to receive Home Communion or serve, please contact Lay Pastor Deborah Concklin at 650-342-3118 ext. 302 or


Our church library has both a children’s section and an adult section. Recently the children’s section obtained many new books. With over 3,000 books and audio visual items available for our members to check out, our collection is also accessible via our online catalog. Come to the library Sunday or Monday mornings with questions or to check out an item. The library is located between the sanctuary and Fellowship Hall.