Our congregation elected the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) in November, 2016, with the goal of nominating a candidate for the Senior Pastor position at First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame.  Our Committee began its work in December after the Mission Study Report was approved by the Session.  A link to that report is provided below.

First, The Ministry Information Form (MIF) was approved by the FPCB Session and the Committee on Ministry (COM). Then it was published on the Presbytery’s Church Leadership Connection website (http://clc.pcusa.org) where it was viewed by candidates seeking Senior Pastor positions.

The PNC began to receive and review over sixty Personal Information Forms (PIFs) from prospective candidates. The PNC worked diligently reviewing each PIF and systematically narrowing down candidates. Upon narrowing the field, we conducted multiple telephone and Skype interviews with candidates to discern who God called to be our new senior pastor.

The PNC chose its candidate, the Rev. Graham Baird, in September 2017, but there were many more steps to complete. The FPCB Session, Personnel committee, and the PNC voted to approve a compensation package for the candidate, his Terms of Call. With the candidate selected by the PNC and the Terms of Call prepared, the candidate was interviewed by the Committee on Ministry (the COM) during their monthly meeting in October 2017. The COM approved the candidate and the Terms of Call.

Next, the PNC requested a special Session meeting to schedule a Congregational meeting where the PNC’s formal report would be given, and the Senior Pastor Candidate would be considered by the congregation, with a vote to be taken to confirm the PNC’s nominee as our new Senior Pastor and to approve his Terms of Call. The Session voted to approve Sunday, November 5, 2017 for the congregational meeting. The PNC’s nominee, Rev. Graham Baird, will be preaching and leading the worship services prior to the Congregational meeting on November 5th.

Finally, the PNC announced their Candidate on October 22, 2017 during church services at FPCB and Mt. Hermon during the all-church retreat. Also, the PNC mailed a brochure to each member and friend of FPCB in addition to email and social communications.

Yours, in Christ

The Pastor Nominating Committee: Louise Arata, Jayson Estassi, Don Bartels, Jennifer McNeely, Jon Becker, Mary Blakesley, Susan Siciliano, Mary Chen-Te, Jackson Stodgel, Tiffany Daily, Brian Whitten, and Karen Preston (alternate)


To Members and Friends of FPCB:
The Pastor Nominating Committee enthusiastically and unanimously presents Graham Baird as our nominee for Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame. We believe that God has led us to Graham and him to us. From early in our process, we were drawn to him individually and collectively. Both Dan Meyer and Steve Schibsted, former FPCB Associate Pastors, independently recommended Graham. Graham has the head, the heart, and the ability to lead our church in the twenty-first century. He is a deep and broad thinker who loves Jesus Christ. He is caring, compassionate, and has a history of growing the churches he leads. He has the ability to draw people into God’s kingdom with both dynamic preaching and his warm, compelling presence. He loves music, and sees it as an essential part of worship. On top of all this, he is a lot of fun to be with! We hope and pray that you will join us in welcoming Graham and his wonderful family to FPCB.


Baird Headh shot
About Graham Baird:
Graham is a fourth-generation Presbyterian minister who was raised in Idaho and Utah. He earned his Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary, and currently is a Doctor of Ministry candidate at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Graham brings an entrepreneurial spirit to ministry, and his experience spans over fifteen years. He has served both brand-new congregations and established communities of faith.

In the last decade, Graham has founded two New Church Developments of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Highlands Church in Paso Robles, and Mission Street Church in Camarillo. In both of these emerging congregations, Graham helped shape a worship experience to draw in believers and nonbelievers alike. Highlands Church became PC(USA)’s fastest growing New Church Development of the past 75 years.

Graham also has served as Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, Colorado Springs, a congregation of four thousand members. During his tenure in Colorado Springs, he helped re-envision the traditional worship service and increased outreach into the community.

Baird Family Photo

Currently, Graham is Designated Pastor of Goleta Presbyterian Church near Santa Barbara. Over the past year, he has revitalized the congregation, completed a successful capital campaign, and grown worship attendance.

Graham has experience ministering across age groups. He has developed family-based children and youth programs, built music ministries, and expanded local and international outreach. Graham seeks to communicate the gospel in a way that is engaging and personal. He is a collaborative leader who is committed to building consensus in teams.

Graham’s first book, One Hundred Years of Ministry (2012), tells 29 short stories based on the Baird family’s multi-generational experience in ministry. He is writing a second book about how Christianity can grow by meeting people where they are.

Baird Children Photo

A talented musician, Graham plays piano and bagpipes. He loves to spend time with his family, and his hobbies include fly-fishing, traveling, weightlifting, playing tennis, cooking, and gardening.

Graham is married to Star, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Star holds degrees from the University of Washington and the University of Michigan Social Work Program. She enjoys traveling and doing mission work and has helped lead mission trips to the Philippines and Haiti. Together, Star and Graham have three children: Haley (9), Sheena (5), and Ewan (1).


For specific questions or feedback, please email Tiffany Daily at tdailypnc@gmail.com



FPCB Senior Pastor MIF

Leadership Competencies

Mission Study Report

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