In response to much input from our congregation, and on a recommended proposal from the Worship Committee, our Session has voted to begin a new worship schedule on Sunday, September 11. We will have three distinct worship services: Chapel at 8:15am, New Contemporary at 9:30, and New Traditional at 11:00. The Mandarin/Taiwanese worship service will now begin 11:00. Authentic and inspired worship in a clear variety of styles will offer more options for our congregation and our guests.

We have worshipped together in one “mosaic” or “blended” style for over a year and a half now, and though we have enjoyed being all together in one place, many have longed for their preferred style of worship. Rather than dividing us, it seems that a return to a wide range of worship offerings will be accompanied by a greater sense of respect and acceptance of the fact that God’s people worship in many different ways. We will continue to have occasional Festival Sundays (perhaps 2-3 times a year), where we will all worship together in one large gathering, but this new schedule will also have the benefits of alleviating some of our parking woes and of greatly increasing our Fellowship Hall interaction during Coffee Café. It will also encourage you to invite people to a worship service that you are genuinely excited and passionate about. This is truly how our church will grow.

Making this decision and planning the new schedule has been a process that has included your congregational surveys, Session’s personal and representative observations, input from many Elder led committees, task forces studying contemporary and traditional styles of worship, and many program staff meetings. In addition to freshly shaped Contemporary and Traditional worship hours, the New Worship Schedule includes multiple offerings for Children and Youth, Adult and Young Adult Education, Fellowship and Food. We have heard you!