Reading the Bible

Faith Seeking Understanding Class

Sundays | 9:15 – 10:30 a.m. | The Chapel

Everyone who believes that Christian education is a life-long pursuit is invited to our Sunday morning Adult Education class in the Chapel from 9:15 to 10:30 a.m. most Sundays. Faith Seeking Understanding class hopes to give Christians a way to form opinions and gain tools to see God’s purpose and communicate that to others. Everyone is invited!

The Faith Seeking Understanding class is a community within the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame that seeks to encourage our members’ growth and to equip us to go into the world and to dialog with it. We seek to learn to interpret Scripture and our faith traditions in such a manner as to make them relevant to and viable in the contemporary world. Please give us a try anytime – you will be most welcome.

For more information, please contact Mathew Koshy at 650-574-7850.

Information About Upcoming Classes

From January 14 through February 25, we will have a seven-week series on the Early Christian Church. these classes will be led by Professors and Presbyterian ministers greg Love and Eugene Park, of the San Francisco Theological Seminary.

In Professor Love’s classes, starting on January 14, we will learn about its leaders and their teachings on Jesus, the Trinity, salvation, etc. We will also explore how the church’s teachings were altered by the conversion of emperor Constantine and his adoption of Christianity as the state religion in 325 CE.

In Professor Park’s classes, starting on February 11, we will discover the Jewish roots of the early church in Palestine, as well as the influences from surrounding cultures, especially the Greeks. We will focus on how Greek and Jewish ideas interacted in a powerful way to formulate the early Church’s core beliefs.

About Our Speakers

Pastor Beth FrykbergRev. Dr. Elizabeth Frykberg

Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary

Born and raised in California, Beth graduated from the University of California Davis majoring in physics. Her theological education began at Fuller Theological Seminary and culminated three degrees later with a Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary.

Beth has served the church, as Pastor of Educational Ministry at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA and at the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame, CA. Working with the India Sunday School Union, she designed and edited a moral education curriculum for preschool through high school grades that has been translated into three languages. Traveling to Cameroon, Africa, with members of her congregation, she helped found Orphan Compassion, an NGO ministry to orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, that aides tribal communities in caring for children within their extended family system by providing educational, nutritional, medical and spiritual support.

Lover of nature and recreation, Beth can be found on vacation in Hanalei, Hawaii, enjoying the beach, scuba diving, and tennis with friends and family.

The Jesus FractalPublications
The Jesus Fractal: Seven Dimensions of Faith (Elevate Faith, March 2016)
Click here for more info.

Practical, but also thoughtful, Beth has taught classes at Trinity Lutheran, San Francisco, and Princeton Theological Seminaries.

Rev. Dr. Greg LoveRev. Dr. Gregory Love

Associate Professor of Systematic Theology
San Francisco Theological Seminary
Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary

As a theologian, Greg Love gives lay people access to challenging ideas. He is willing to take on tough subjects and does it in an engaging, stimulating way. He encourages thoughtful interaction with the students. He deals within the Reformed Tradition but shows a wide spectrum of possibilities and allows us to choose where we fit in. He is the teacher who again and again fills our classroom on a Sunday morning.

Love, Violence and the Cross: How the Nonviolent God Saves Us through the Cross of Christ (Cascade, 2010)

Atonement, The Relation Between Divine and Human Agency, Divine Providence and Human Suffering

Introduction to Systematic Theology; God and Human Suffering; Divine Power: Contemporary Views; Sin and Evolutionary Biology; Grace, Will and Spirit; Psychology, Spirituality and Christian Theology; The Theology of Paul Tillich.

Rev. Dr. Eugene ParkRev. Dr. Eugene Eung-Chun Park

David and Dana Dornsife Professor of New Testament
San Francisco Theological Seminary
Ph.D., University of Chicago (1991)
Department of New Testament and Early Christian Literature
Graduate Division of Humanities

Eugene Eung-Chun Park, the Dana and Dave Dornsife Professor of New Testament, doesn’t settle for quick and easy answers. Park came to San Francisco Theological Seminary in 1996 because he wanted to be a scholar without restraints. “I want to share my passion for the Scriptures and I want to make other people fascinated by what they read,” Park said. “I do believe that the text of the New Testament has inspiring power. It is incumbent upon us to let the text speak for itself.” Prior to SFTS, Park taught for three years at Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Seoul, Korea.

A native of Seoul, Park has studied at the University of Chicago, Yale Divinity School, Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Seoul National University. In 2001, Park wrote the Bible study for the 213th General Assembly, Rooted and Grounded in Love. His other publications include Either Jew or Gentile: Paul’s Unfolding Theology of Inclusivity and The Mission Discourse in Matthew’s Interpretation. He is currently working on his third book, which focuses on Matthew’s understanding of salvation. Park, who maintains a rigorous exercise regimen, reveals his passion for teaching and his pastoral heart when he said, “I will do my best so that when my students read the text with my help, they will be interested and fascinated first, and then transformed in their lives and their ministry.”

NT Introduction, New Testament Exegesis, Matthew and Judaism, New Perspectives on Paul, Advanced Greek with Plato’s Dialogues