New Registration and Check-In Protocol
As of May 27!

Attention Parents & Guardians!

We want BurlPres to be the safest and most loving place in town, so we are making a few changes to ensure the check-in process is more ideal for parents. On May 27, we implemented this new protocol at the Family Registration Table in the lobby (narthex) outside of the Sanctuary.


Parents or guardians: Before programs on Sundays during the 9:30 AM service, please stop by the table to register each of your children/youth. There, you will receive name tags to apply to your child and you will receive a matching “parent tag”, prior to heading into the Sanctuary. These tags will be issued afresh every Sunday.


Before coming forward to hear the children’s sermon, each child will need to be wearing his/her name tag. Parents, be sure to hold onto your corresponding  “parent tag”. You will be asked to show this matching tag to our volunteers when coming to pick up your child after programs have concluded.


Middle school and high school kids ALSO get checked-in at the designated table in the entry to the main church sanctuary. We ask that a Family Information Card be filled out initially and given to a NextGen staff member — see below. On each visit, the students get name tags. Check-out for this age range will be done by the students themselves by signing-out on their room roster when leaving the program for the day.


Well-Child Policy:

In an effort to protect all the children in our care, we strictly enforce our well-child policy. Please click HERE to read and/or print it.

Family Information Card:

Each child that participates in NextGen activities must first have on file a completed Family Information Card. Below are two ways you can submit a card for each child. Please either click:
DOWNLOAD FAMILY INFORMATION CARD to print and fill out a Family Information Card,. Once you have completed this form, kindly bring it with you to church and turn it in at the check-in table. Hard copies are also available at the table, but you may save some time by having it completed in advance.


One of our table hosts will be happy to walk you through the registration process and answer any questions you might have about our programs. Thank you ahead of time for helping us keep BurlPres loving and safe.